Consider a Knock Down and Rebuild Instead of Moving

Whether you’re growing out of your current home, or it’s looking old and dated and you don’t feel like renovating, you may be considering moving. Moving can be a good way of finding a home that’s more suitable, but there are alternatives. A choice that is becoming more and more popular is knock down and rebuild projects. Here’s why you might want to consider it instead of moving.

You stay in the location you love

If one of the things putting you off from a move is that you love your current neighbourhood, then a knockdown and rebuild can be a better option.

Some advantages of staying in the same place include:

  • Not having the hassle of changing your address
  • Your kids get to stay in the same school
  • You already know your neighbours
  • You still have the same journey to work

A knockdown and rebuild can be best for those who already have a great location, perhaps in a neighbourhood where it’d be expensive to find a bigger place, as there’s no need to move yet you get an amazing new home.

Design your home from scratch or pick a design

If you’re a homeowner already, you’ll no doubt know how annoying it is to find the right place. You can spend weeks trawling estate agents’ websites, and then have to do a load of viewings, only to then be in competition with other potential buyers. When you work with knock down rebuild builders Canberra, you can design your dream home from scratch, with all the features you want. Most builders also have a range of prefab options which you can customise, so you can simply pick the one you like.

Homes that work for you

Many people live in homes that are too small for them or don’t have the right facilities, but when you knockdown and rebuild, you don’t have to move just to get the things you want or need. You design your home so are in control.

Thinking of moving home? You might not have to. If you have a decent sized plot of land, then a knock down and rebuild may be possible. While it can be a big project to undertake, it means you don’t have to move and leave the neighbourhood you love. It also means you can enjoy having a whole new home that’s clean and energy efficient, ready for you to move into.