Some pictures of the Mushroom House in Powdermills Park, Rochester, NY.

This is the Mushroom House. A real mushroom in the foreground. Actually, the original design was inspired by a piece of Queen Anne's Lace in a coke bottle. The Antells were the original owners. Marge, a potter, designed the house with Jim Johnson in the late 1960's. The "cave" addition was done in 2001-2002.

Underlit - very dramatic!

Wendel Castle's mahogany door.

The kitchen

The living room

Vent covers.

The "Time Tunnel" going from the original building to the new addition. Tile work inspired by Antoni Gaudi.

Free formed concrete stairs.

The new addition.

The legs of the fireplace.

The laminated mahogany tree form made by Adam Chessis. We were covered in red dust for weeks.

The wash basin in the new bathroom.

Detail of a gutter system to the right of the front door as you come up the ramp.